Alice Osborn – Author, Speaker and Book Editor

Alice helps creative writers get published and small business owners improve their communication so they can build their brand and grow their business. She also edits books with a speciality in business and motivational books. She offers workshops (fiction, creative nonfiction, business writing, and poetry) and writing coaching.

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Selling Across the Generations w/ Tim Moore

The first rule of selling is steadfast: know your customer.

With four distinct generations playing active roles in the buying decisions of companies it is no longer enough to be personable and knowledgeable about your product.

To succeed in today’s business climate, you need to approach each buyer with an informed generational perspective – recognizing the underlying biases, values and expectations that pave the way to “yes.”

Take a journey and look inside each generation’s core values to identify what forms their buying decisions and how known generational biases and business preferences impact the sales process.

Learn how to effectively engage different sales and marketing techniques to appeal to the unique decision making traits of each generation and achieve success in today’s marketplace.
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Q & A for Pat Howlett by Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman gets all sorts of questions on how to best leverage one’s Local ComeOnInside Network. Here is where he asks me some questions and I try to share the answers. Some of his questions were… Is there really a need for a Local network with Facebook and Linked in already connect business people? How do you work with the Local Chamber of Commerce? What are the benefits of being a member of a ComeOnInside network that has few current members? Why is posting a personal Photo a requirement? If you could do 1 thing on the network what would it be?   Open this in an extra browser tab and listen while you do some other things.   We hope it helps.
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Foreclosures and Short sales with Ken Smith

Many have been hurt by our economic downturn. Some find themselves caught with the possibility of losing their home or are already there. Ken Smith is a specialist in this area and I’ve asked him to come onto my show and share some information that might help. Listen in and if you’d like to ask anonymous questions you can use the chat function on the show page. Download the Free eBook Ken has that covers this topic.
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Google Places and Local Search with Bob Walton

The Internet is becoming more focused on LOCAL and the ComeOnInside networks are all about LOCAL – join me and Bob Walton for a conversation on how one can succeed in this space. Some of the questions Bob will be answering; 1) Aren’t Google Places and Google Maps the same thing?   2) I already have a website and a yellow page ad, why do I need a local google maps listing?   3) Google Places is free, why can’t I just submit a listing and be done?   4) My Business is already on Google Maps, why should I bother with it?   5) Why should I be concerned with Reviews on Google Places?   6) I don’t have a website, can I still use Google Places?   7) What if I don’t have an official “brick & mortar” store or office location, can I still use Google Places?
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The validity of MLM for the Professional

In today’s economy, many people are looking for a secondary income source.  Home business opportunities are abundant, but are they legitimate?  The vast majority of these opportunities are based on the multilevel marketing model. Many are skeptical of this type business, declaring it a scam.  Is that true?   I’ll be talking with Robin Thomas about her experience.
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Corporate Transition with Lauren Paparone

  Join me when I interview Business Coach Lauren Paparone.   Lauren is an Expert in helping Professionals make the transition from a Corporate America career to the Micro Business / Self Employed world.   As a Certified Project Manager Lauren brings a perspective and experience that increases the chance for success for her clients.
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30 Minutes with Acupuncturist Nancy Davison

With a rich history of 36 years in health care, Nancy Davison will share information on Acupuncture, so you can learn how it might help you take control of your health on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
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30 Minutes with Poet, Writer, Editor, Educator Alice Osborn

Alice Osborn helps creative writers get published and small business owners improve their communication so they can build their brand and grow their business. She is an Editor of books with a speciality in business and motivational. She offers fiction, creative nonfiction, business writing & poetry workshops and also provides writer coaching. Her website is for more info.
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30 Minutes with Social Media Expert Jim Vogel

Originally from Detroit where he was a writer and copy editor for Ford Motor Company for over 20 years. Jim now provides the same services to smaller local companies by helping them leverage Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google+ and Word Press. He and his team of writers can write in YOUR voice and help create Fresh content that increases your brand presence. IMU Social Media
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