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Hello Micro Business Professional and Solo Professional of the 407.

I know that I’m not from this area and that there is no reason at this time to trust me.

I do ask that you take a minute and read some of the recommendations below from some fellow Micro Business Owners from the 919 (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill of North Carolina) our 1st network.
Thanks! – Pat


Recommendations begin here…


Coffee Shop Owners,

I would highly recommend joining this local business network. As a coffee shop owner I have had the pleasure of hosting “Coffee Breaks” each week. The Coffee Breaks gave members the opportunity to meet fellow insiders offline and developed meaningful relationships.

I have used the network to post events I offered at my shop, and I used it to share and receive advice on many issues.

The inside919 network is valuable because it truly is a way to reach potential “customers” within your local region.

Most importantly, I have met some really amazing business professionals that have become more than just business acquantances, they have become my friends.

Terri Voltz


Being a member of the Inside network has given me a unique opportunity to meet people in my area. Relationships are started online by reading members’ profiles and commenting on their blog posts (articles). Since members are local, it is easy to arrange to meet face to face or to visit their place of business. Meeting in person solidifies the relationship because I already know about them, and their knowledge of their business.

If I need an opinion or are looking for a recommendation, local Insiders are right on top of giving current recommendations.

I’ve been a member of the network for about 3 years – when I participate in the Inside network, I get value every time. Some examples are the classes offered, learning about what others do and the collective intelligence of the group is simply amazing.

Amy Shair
RE/MAX United


A friend recommended I join at the beginning of 2011 and boy, I couldn’t have received better business advice from anywhere. As a Search Engine Optimizer I had become enamored with Google Places and what well crafted listings could do for local businesses. 

As I delved into inside919 I began to meet very interesting, and like minded, people who were not just about “doing business” but were about building real “community” both on, and off line. 

From a Google search perspective, I love the benefits that the inside919 network offers. It’s highly ranked by search engines, extremely active, well indexed, a powerful business tool, and much more… Check out my article, How Can I Use Social Media for SEO benefit?, to see how you can leverage the “inside” network for “link love” to any website.

Bottom line, I think Pat Howlett is a great guy. What he’s created in the Raleigh, NC area has been wonderfully transforming for many. Personally, I’ve found Pat to be an excellent trainer, encourager, mentor and friend. I highly respect and appreciate him. Get to know him, and you will too.


Bob Walton
SEO for High Ranking


Hello 401,

I’ve been a member of Inside919 since April 2008 – one of the first 100 members. So I’ve been able to watch it grow from a small group of people who liked this ‘idea’ to a network that strives only to serve whomever joins it by asking just one small favor in return: contribute.

If you are only looking to advertise your business and get results from that, that’s your call.
But I’m the type that likes to interact, learn new things, meet new people, and share my experiences so that others can learn and avoid making my mistakes.

Through Inside919 I’ve…

–discovered in-depth business workshops that changed the very course of my business, like Bill Davis’ 100 Days to Abundance or Olalah Njenga’s Breakthrough Advantage.

–learned of the new Center for Excellence, where I can teach my own workshops at an affordable price.

–met a hundred other microbusiness owners that were not only strangers before, but unheard of. I would not have come across these people otherwise.

–partnered with other businesses without the shackles of ‘paying into a group’ or ‘joining a chamber’ – open relationships that focus on collaboration instead of competition

–been mentored by, and now mentor, others who were in my shoes and who are in the shoes I’ve taken off

It’s not hard to capitalize on these things, either. All it takes is a little of your time – to share, to be a resource, to offer something of value.

You can’t put an ad rate on that.

Anyone who wishes to contact me directly to learn more can do so at

Michelle Gower

Gower Power Consulting, LLC


Middle of 2008 I joined and shortly thereafter became the 2nd sponsor on this network as I saw an opportunity for local growth of my business. I’ve stayed a sponsor since that time. Here’s why ….

  1. I learned everything I know about social media from friends on inside919.
  2. More than 100 have done business with me during that time.
  3. I have done business with more than 3 dozen local folks.
  4. I like buying local as more revenue ‘stays’ and circulates when shopping local.
  5. I honed my writing skills by having a listening community for my blogs/articles.
  6. I’ve executed 3 major collaborative efforts in business with others on the network.
  7. I’ve asked for help and received it, no matter what I needed.
  8. I’ve found ways to serve my community.
  9. I conduct mastermind studies and the concept of masterminding is prevalent here.
  10. We are not competitive … we are a collaborative network.
  11. The guiding principles are lofty .. no shenanigans or bad language here.
  12. I give, and others give too so we all end up receiving.
  13. Pat Howlett has made sure that we had social events so we weren’t only connected online.
  14. Have made short term and long term friends and business associates.
  15. Pat Howlett is a man of his word — that is he does what he says he’ll do by when and then does it. Perfect role model for all of us.
  16. Google love is present.
  17. Plenty of free workshops available, from soup to nuts!
  18. Lots of community assistance … nonprofits … from which to choose to be generous.

I pay to be a sponsor, yet, to simply be a member and benefit from all the services, costs you nothing.

While I enjoy other social media sites, I admit I land at my local micro-business network inside919 1st every day. Then I’ll check out FaceBook and a few others.

Leslie Flowers


I joined Inside919 two months ago and I am very impressed with the professionalism of the website and the professionalism of the members on Inside919. I love the events listed on Inside919 which allows me to attend local scheduled events to meet new business contacts and customers. I now search Inside919 before I go to LinkedIn. Great Job Pat!

Cedric Houston
Real Time Pain Relief


Inside919 has been a great way for me to connect to the movers and shakers in the local small business community.

Whitney Hill


I moved to North Carolina in August of 2011. It was such a wonderful thing to see the Inside919 website to help me start networking, and finding local businesses to work with. The events that Inside919 sponsors and the people I have met have helped me grow personally and grow my business. The Friends and the Mentors I have gained have been priceless. Thank You Pat!

If you would like to reach me for further information feel free to contact me:

Adrianne and Paul Gibilisco
Regional Directors Take Shape For Life


I understand that folks might be busy, skeptical and not real excited about trying another new thing. They are trying run their businesses. There are three key questions that business owners must ask themselves.

1. Am I better off being a skeptic and waiting until my competitors have joined a group that helps them shorten sales cycles, establish meaningful client relationships in my backyard, or would I be better off to start building these local relationships with new clients NOW?

2. If it cost little to nothing and there are so many other business owners, like myself, using this model and testifying to its effectiveness, why would I not participate, especially if I truly want to grow my business?

3. If after answering questions 1 and 2 I’m still convinced that I should proceed with business as usual, where can I find a good shrink? :)

Diogenes Ruiz


inside919 has been a great tool for my business, EverChange, LLC ( For starters, I have earned over 6 clients in the past year from other inside919 members.

There are a lot of tools on this website to help me grow my business. For example, I have the ability to create blogs, post videos, and upload pictures. The profile page is very handy and well laid out. I can click on someone’s page and get to know more about their business and decide if I want to connect outside of inside919.

The website also has features such as forums for people to post certain topics so we do not get bombarded with spam solicitation emails. For example, there is the “I need a…” forum which I browse to see if anyone is in need of my services, and if I see that someone needs something else and I know who could help, I send the information along. There is also the self promotion forum where people can post that their company has been in a newspaper article or some other accomplishment. In addition, you can post an event and invite contacts to join.

inside919 has helped me gain business contacts outside of the computer program. The after-hours events and local networking groups have helped my business. Using the advertising space also got me a couple of new clients.

Overall, I have enjoyed being a part of inside919 and have had very positive experiences with people I have met.

Juliet Hurley


I came from New York State, brand new to social media and just networking-in-the-wild, trying to get more consulting clients in project and process management and get people to know my dashboard-based system. Not something that can be easily explained in a one minute spiel. Then the economy got worse, a long term client was no longer viable, and I really had to get going. That is when I was invited into Inside919 by a friend. It took some work and time, mostly to learn and “get it”, not social media and technology only, but most importantly the totally unique Inside919 “strategic-philosophy” and don’t-sell-just-help-the-other-person culture that became the soul of my networking and “being there, getting it and doing it”. With everybody constantly available and new ideas flowing formally and informally and people getting and already being “in the flow” of the helping stream, it was inevitable. I changed, my business changed! Now I have a nearly full schedule of business and it’s reaching critical mass! My big thanks to Pat, Martin, and everyone in and around Inside919! Happy New Year, it will be a great 2012! I can feel it coming, and it feels good!

T. Ho Haryadi


Inside919 is a powerful tool in relating, engaging and connecting with other small and micro business owners.

The ComeOnInside community allows you to

a) Engage on a professional level with various people in various industries

b) Find similar interests and connections (i.e. GroupsEventsTuesday AM Coffee Breaks, etc.)

c) Build RELATIONSHIPS. By learning what is at the core of another small and micro businesses passion, it inspires you to share their message with others.

d) Umbrella of various groups and networks (i.e. BNI, Coffee and Contacts, Training Centers, etc.) Inside919 allows you to engage with the PERSON not the industry, so you really get to know people on a business relationship level.

I have heard many people say that 919 is a powerful source of referrals and revenue for their business. For myself personally, it is absolutely true.

Angel Lebak
Inside919 Raving Fan


Belonging to this network is a complete way of learning, integrating and ‘coming of age’ in modern day business. You are exposed to the most well meaning, authentic and intelligent business people in your area. This is a ‘real’ method for developing solid relationships that will allow you to help others while, eventually, receiving support yourself.



Inside919 is a fantastic community to be a part of – I recommend it to every local business person I speak with. The level of support available at your fingertips is unmatched by anything else I’ve found online and the physical events are a fabulous place to grow the relationships started on the site. I’ve been a member for about a year and during that time, I have made many great contacts, learned a whole lot from a wide range of people, gained clients and, more importantly, made some friends along the way.

I cannot recommend the network enough.

Gaynor Fries, Virtual Assistant


I’ve been a Inside 919 member since 2008 and a Network Insider since 2010. In this three year span of many economic ups and downs in the writing and publishing world, Inside 919 has been a wonderful constant for me. I’ve taken advantage of the numerous workshops and masterminds offered and I’ve strengthened my existing relationships with other business owners while I’ve forged new relationships at networking gatherings and online. I can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring in terms of business growth thanks to Inside 919! Thank you, Pat Howlett for making Inside 919 a core piece of my world.

Alice Osborn, Writer and Editor
Write from the Inside Out


I began as a casual user of the Insider network and began to see a number of business people I know joining and contributing to the Forums, providing updates, posting events and participating in numerous other activities. A couple years ago I talked with an owner of a new coffee house and suggested she become involved in our network. She was reluctant to use social media but after speaking with myself and other members began participating. She offered her coffee house as a meeting place and for over a year a number of us meet for coffee on Tuesday mornings to help each other out with business questions, leads and so much more.

I became a network partner this year and have benefited from the training and close collaboration with other network partners.

At first this was only a time commitment but its great value led me to pay the monthly fee to be a network partner and use it for advertising as well as supporting this community. I have been involved with others on projects in the community as well. This network is the greatest value anyone could offer to a small business person and it began giving value before I had spent one dollar. Can’t beat that!

Drew Becker


Well, over two years later I am still applauding this amazing network of businesses that want to help their community, but often reach out to help each other. I have met some incredible people with businesses that have now been hired by my company.
There is a wealth of information on so many subjects and many priceless. Yes, free!

Pat as you grow your brand across America, let business owners know how much we in Raleigh, NC appreciate the time and value you have built in your wonderful company. I am proud to be an inSider!

Sandra Burnett

The hCard Fundraising Program


Inside 919 allows people to connect with others that they like and trust and want to do business with. It allows individuals to showcase their talents and expertise.

Bev Mahone



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