Does it Count if You Go Blog a Good Comment on Other People’s Blogs?

Personally I think it does. Last week I started a competitive deal with two friends living on separate continents. We wanted to encourage each other to get back to posting regularly. So I came back to blogging here, a practice I want to make a daily part of my life with lots of good web design and SEO resources. I challenged them to blog as well, in their own venues. it worked!

Both of these friends have actually posted blogs every day, both of them creating new word press blogs for the occasion. They are enjoying it I think, or so they say. My email messages to them, after each time I posted, were “Tag, you’re it!” It worked!

Seriously though, one waxed profound about her experience and shared with me for posting: “I found myself staring at a blank page full of preconceived notions of what a blog post should be. Ben Franklin, Hugh Laurie, and Oprah rolled into one amazing post – right? Yikes, talk about writer’s block! I decided my first effort would be like jumping into a cold lake. At first I would resist, but once in and splashing around, it could be lots of fun. And it was.”

The other shares: “don’t dither, just do it.” Can you hear a bit of an English accent there?

So, then, what do I do but fall victim to the same old same old – no time – and I had such a good headstart. The schedule got slamming overwhelming, and what is the first to go but the last thing to get started, despite my proclamations of intentions. Isn’t it always this way. Well, determined as I am, what I did instead of blogging here was to go on both of their websites and post good comments, like posts in themselves. So I counted those and I am only a day or two behind schedule.

I’d like to offer this journey to others as a live walk through starting a new habit. So many people are kind of afraid to post and blog here. With all the opportunities that Pat Howlett has made for those of us who blog on this site, it is simply absurd not to do so as part of marketing your business. Its hard to get going though. But if I can do it . . . you can do it. Just look at all the blog posts on the right there – in the column to the right on this page – scrolling by, one new post after another literally seconds apart. Phenomenal. Join in!

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