I’m 50+ Years Old – Do I Need Life Insurance At My Age?

I was recently asked that question, and the answer is yes! You may still have some children in college, a spouse who relies on your income, an aging parent to care for, just to name a few reasons.

Another good question is – do you own the right kind and the right amount? You may need less coverage than you did 20 years ago and its a good time to look at permanent coverage so it will be there when it is needed the most. There are several options and they are easier to afford than many people think.

One in four US families rely only on group life insurance to provide financial protection if a wage earner dies. This coverage can be lost due to retirement, unemployment (we’ve certainly seen a lot of that lately!), or reduced hours. If you or someone you know falls into that category, it would be worth looking at a plan that YOU own and control, while you’re still healthy. Your family is worth it.

If you would like more information, call me at 919-943-5577 or e-mail me at nancy.j.williams@mwarep.org. Also, please visit my site at www.healthinsuranceraleighnc.com.

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