ThingLink Is an Awesome New Must-Check-Out Online Advertising Tool.


If your looking for an interactive advertising method, with ThingLink you can embed video links, audio or URL links right into your images.  What a great idea, huh?  You can embed these little “dot”/ links into your images for your landing pages on Facebook and even install a plugin on your WordPress website or embed their code into any other site.  What about Pinterset?  I haven’t tried it there yet but it probably works and that site is nothing but images. To me, this has a number of very cool advertising applications over a lot of Social Platforms.  Check it our for yourself and tell me, what ideas you come up with. Check out this interactive advertising tool on my photo below and also on the thumbnail in the upper left where I put a link to ThingLink.  AWESOME!!   

Sorry I couldn’t show any examples here but the Inside919 is not compatible for some reason.  Just head over to to check it out. (it’s free, no optins or anything.)

Opening the doors to your Social Media and Internet Marketing success!

signature-roger-my-social-media-matters PLUGINS: Tell me what you think and what applications you see for it.

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Online Advertising is Booming…what are you waiting for?

Overall, it looks to be a healthy year for the ad industry, with total U.S. ad spending forecast to grow by 6.7% to $ 169.5 billion. eMarketer attributes the bump to investment in campaigns ads and mobile advertising. Total ad spending is set to reach nearly $ 200 billion by 2016, of which online will account for a third.
For the first time in U.S. history, marketers are projected to spend more on online advertising than on advertising in print magazines and newspapers.
According to a study released Thursday by eMarketer, online advertising is expected to generate $ 39.5 billion in sales this year — a 23.3% increase from 2011 — compared to a sum of $ 33.8 billion on print.
That’s impressive growth, especially since 2011 also witnessed a 23% jump in online ad spending, according to eMarketer’s calculations. Online ad revenues should continue to grow over the next half-decade, albeit at a more modest rate, as shown in the chart below. Total online ad investment is projected to hit $ 62 billion by that time.
The forecast for print is foreboding. Marketers are expected to continue cutting their print advertising budgets for the next half-decade, spending $ 32.3 billion in 2016, 10% less than what they invested in print ads in 2011.
Spending on TV promises to be largely unaffected by growing online ad budgets, although the gap between the two is set to narrow significantly. U.S. marketers are expected to spend $ 72 billion in TV advertising in 2016, up 18.6% from 2011.

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Don’t be afraid of Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising can be really easy to do. Try Facebook advertising article.

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