Do You ‘Believe’ You Can Do It?

Right you are! You can!

Do you believe you cannot do it? Right again!

No wishing, praying, conjuring up spirits, or even doing a rain dance (right) will have you get what you want or dream of, if you DON’T BELIEVE you CAN.

This is not just ‘sayingI can … but BELIEVING… in your heart of hearts (ancient Greek reference to the subconscious mind) … that you actually CAN. And that you DO have INFINITE POTENTIAL!

If you want to know WHAT you REALLY BELIEVE, just look around you. Look at your home, your bank account, your vehicle, relationships, where you vacation, etc. Those things are the perfect RELFECTION and physical “proof” of what you actually really believe about your own abilities.

So saying you CAN, yet living in a world that gives you ‘I Can’t’ results, is a big HINT that you don’t BELIEVE you CAN!

Take HEART! YOU didn’t create the childhood beliefs that still run your life today! That’s right!

It was your parents (doing the best they can of course) and loved ones who repeated their own beliefs around you before you had conscious awareness (and could reject what they were saying) that GAVE you your results!

Knowing this AND now knowing the process of HOW BELIEFS are created, now allows you to CREATE NEW BELIEFS– ones that actually SERVE you and match what you want!

Just below is a quick explanation … 6 minutes … which should, if you are READY, inspire you enough to get really CURIOUS about ‘how come others have what it is that I want.’Now you can do something about it!

And remember, we never outperform what we believe we can accomplish!

©Leslie Flowers June 2012, exponential personal growth expert, helps mature women re-engineer their businesses and their lives by steeping them in living life with principles, virtues, and higher awareness. Faculty member in Mindset Mastery at the Ultimate Life Company, with Bob Proctor, you can catch her programs on mastermind excellence and expert goal setting and achievement at their site. You may read her archived voluminous personal growth teachings — Drops of Awareness — at, which house each step on her own path of change over the past 10 years. 


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It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Believe

I came across this wonderful article on LinkedIN from my favorite magazine today online (Harvard Business Review).

A wonderful read for anyone in business, whether it’s sales or not. Basically, as the title suggest, it’s not about the product or service you sell it’s what you believe in that’s ingrained in you that is really going to make you succeed. It really got my brain going on a new marketing direction.

Having this article pop up on my screen couldn’t have come at a better time too. I’ve done a wonderful job with the clients that I have, but it feels I’m in a slump and when you’re in a slump you sometimes question the ways in which you operate. Now don’t get me wrong, always taking the time out to review what you’re doing to make sure it’s running efficiently is good business sense, but you shouldn’t just jump ship because of a slump. Let’s all be honest, I’m in a tough industry. You meet tons of me on any given day. I know I’m different, my clients know I’m different, and my networking partners know I’m different, but how do I convey that to the people I want to meet?

The 3 main points I thought about were at the very end:
What do you promise that nobody else in your industry can promise?

What do you deliver that nobody else can deliver?

What do you believe that only you believe?

Here’s where I wanted to tweak what Tim Cook said and apply it to myself and how I apply it to my business:

(Now remember this is a work in progress, your feedback is greatly appreciated!)

I believe that I’m here to help educate, train, and guide people around finances. That’s not going to change.
I believe in simplifying the complex. I believe in saying let’s dig into this together so that we can focus on priorities and what is meaningful to you.

I believe in deep collaboration and cross-communication between all financial groups from CPA’s & attorneys to bankers, allowing me to be more productive so that I can create plans others cannot.

So what are your thoughts? I would really appreciate any and all constructive feedback!

Until next time wonderful business partners!

Remy Heskett

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We Get What We Believe ….

… and … It all starts with our conscious thought. That is different from habitual thought.

I know my way home! I know I do! 

And yet … several months after I moved into my dream home on a small lake in Cary in 2009, I was on my way home from work. [Before that I lived in Apex for four years.]

The phone rang and it was my ex husband.

Immediately we got into a very heated argument.

Next thing I knew, I was pulling through the gates of my old apartment in Apex!! (10 minutes further away than my new home.)

Conscious thinking comes one thought at a time (regardless of how fast you think ;-)

My conscious thought was involved in this argument.

My habitual thought had me drive to my old place. I still believed this was my home while I knew my way home!

The point is simple here.

You may say you are a success, do all the right things to be a success, take the courses, listen intently, work hard, practice, exercise diligence … all of it … and still NOT ACHIEVE WHAT YOU WANT. 

Why? Because while consciously we are saying these things, our habitual thoughts … WHAT WE REALLY BELIEVE … directs us to MATCH results with our true beliefs.

InSide Network Partner Olalah Njenga shared this article today from INC Magazine. Enjoy.

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