What is the level of engagement on my Facebook business page?

To find the level of engagement on your Facebook business page or someone else’s business page:

Just click/select the “Like” app and you will see a number of “Total Likes” and
“People Talking About This”. Take the number of people “talking about this” and divide it by the number of “Likes” . For example 448/1809=0.24765 that would be 25% engagement. I also use this to spot people that have “bought” fans. If you have 4000 likes and 2 as talking about with clear content it is a good chance you bought fans or just very very boring. :)

For most small businesses 1 to 5% is doing very well. Remember the other % that is just observing is also important since many of the new customers come from there.

Share how you have gained more engagement on your page and more business on your Facebook page. I may show it off in my classes to get you more “Likes”. Remember the goal is more of the customers you want not just “Likes”.And “Yes” people both show up at my classes and hire me from my Facebook page.

Martin Brossman
Facebook: http://facebook.com/martinwbrossman

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How do I use Timeline on Facebook?

The Facebook Personal Profile Timeline is not too hard to understand if it is explained well.

First note that you can put a big picture at the top of the page and change it when you want. Next your profile picture is a simple square picture on the lower left of the big page. Next notice the line going down the middle of your profile page what used to be “your wall” .

Now look at the line in the middle of the page with items on either side if it connected at a dot. This is to represent a line in time and as you scroll down you are going backwards in time. It starts on the left side with different status updates on the right side. If you see in the picture below my courser is pointing at the start of the Timeline.

When scroll down the page and get past the status updates on the right you will notice that items are now on both sides of the center line (the timeline). My curser is pointing to the connecting point of my post about the Big Bad Ball and the timeline.


Every post you ever made had a date maker that facebook put in it and that is how the post are now organized. It is the same content as before just all orginized based on the date and time you origionally posted it (unless you change the date, see below).

You can hide a itemd if you want from your timeline by clicking the little pincle in the upper right hand corner of each post. You can also delete it or change the date of the post. This allows you to visually post items all the way back to your birth. You will need to add an event that is your birthday to make this all work.

If you understand the line in the middle is the line of time going backward in time as you scroll down the page. Each event or post is showing up alternating on the line based on time the event was added or the date you put on it. If you look at my personal page you will see I have been playing with it for a while and it goes back to my birth.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, which anyone from Inside919 is welcome to be. You can see how I have started adding items from my past by clicking on my the list of years to the right of my timeline and select “birth” then move forward. I don’t have the exact date for all my photos but I can change them as I get new information.

You may also find useful a video I made a while back with Health O explain the new Facebook Timeline for personal Profiles: http://youtu.be/aexG1k0GKbI

If you want more understanding on how to set up your business page Timeline see my post:

If you find this useful let me know in the comments area.
Martin Brossman

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Facebook Timeline – The good news about Facebook Timeline that Facebook forgot to tell you

The good news about Facebook Timeline that Facebook forgot to tell you

By Martin Brossman

Facebook Timeline has some real gold, both on the personal Profile and the business Page, even though almost no one is happy with the way Facebook rolled out Timeline. The Facebook gang still has a lot to learn in working with more mature customers, but we know they’re smart and Timeline really shows some brilliance. They just missed the opportunity to educate people on the real goal of this promising new feature they created.

Timeline Enlivens Business Pages

Timeline is extraordinary for any business over 5 years old and even for those less than 5 years old. First, you can set the start date of your business when it actually began, not just when you joined Facebook!

You can build the history of the business over time and profoundly increase the interesting content on your business page. Web developers have been looking for years for ways to leverage the competitive advantage of a business that has been around longer than other businesses, and it is not easy to do on a website. Facebook makes it possible to build out your past, and that makes the entire page come alive in a whole new way.

Take Your Time for Best Results

Now you want to make sure you do it in a way over time that works with your existing content and does not overwhelm the news feed of your fans. You may also want to protect your past photos with visual watermarks since the digital watermarks are stripped off by Facebook.  When we build timelines out for clients we make sure they have a clear visual watermark, right story with each image, and see that it gets released with the other content so it is welcomed by the fans.

The place to begin is where you are going to say was the “birth” of your business. You get to pick the milestones and highlight other events. To see an example of fleshed out timelines, check out the Manchester United Facebook Page Timeline: http://www.facebook.com/manchesterunited and a YouTube video about it as well:

We have seen up to 300% increase in engagement by integrating Timeline entries with good regular content. Let us hear how you are creatively using Facebook Timeline! 

For businesses that want Timeline History set-up and managed for them we offer that service as well: http://pronetworkingonline.com/facebook-business-training/facebook-timeline-for-business/

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NEW! Facebook “Post Promote” Feature Tutorial


facebook-promote-postFacebook recently added a new marketing feature called “Post Promote”. I’ve heard some call it “Pay to Post”, which is inaccurate. Facebook is not making you pay to post but giving us a better opportunity for an important post to be seen by putting it in front of more of our fans by paying a fee.

Normally our posts are subject to Facebook’s Edgerank, which is their algorithm that weighs several engagement factors to determine who will see our posts. Only about 16% of our fan’s on average will see any given post simply because of lack of engagement with our fan page.

To get around Edgerank so to speak, you can now buy impressions in your fans news feed by using the promote feature at the bottom of your post. You will only see this feature if you have at least 400 fans (likes). You also have to be logged in as your page (not your personal profile) to be able to see the feature.

When you first create a post, you’ll see the “world” button at the bottom so you can set demographics for the post like country, state, city, similar to Facebook ads.

Once you’ve done that and launch the post you have up to 3 days to promote it. After that, you can no longer promote that post without reposting it. So the max time you can promote a post is 3 days.

You’ll see other features in my video tutorial as well to help you navigate this new feature so check out the video.

Also if you want more advanced Facebook Marketing Tutorials and access to the software to create Fan Page Welcome tabs, Sales pages and more, just go to http://bit.ly/FacebookAdvancedMarketingEd


Opening the door to your Facebook Marketing success!




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Forest Fires, Facebook & Europe

How are you doing? How is your Spring going? I hope it is smoother than the markets. We are getting mixed messages on the health of our economy. What have you seen? I really would love to hear your feedback.

In this issue:
• Pullbacks are not pleasant, but they are healthy
• Will Europe be a concern for the foreseeable future?
• Facebook IPO
• Business of the Month – Prestige Wood Works, Tim Collins

Market pullbacks can be the financial equivalent of a forest fire

Bottom line– we are experiencing a normal pullback in reaction to continued concern about the economic health of Europe and the prospect for growth here in the US, this should not be anything terrible or long-term.

Just this month, we have seen the following declines: Dow and S&P500 -5%, gold -6%, developed markets -8% and emerging markets -10%. Bonds are mostly flat (long-term US Treasuries, the best performers, are up 2-4%, the rest of the bond world is flat-lining).

We have expected moves like this but just were not sure when they would come. We cannot have steady upward growth in the stock market, it is just not sustainable not to mention not normal. There was a fair amount of hope and wishful thinking baked into our stock markets’ performance and now some of that unsustainable growth on the forest floor is getting incinerated.

Much of our hope was based upon nice improvements in unemployment numbers but that hope has abated as job gains have stagnated. Yet, there are still reasons for optimism – housing numbers have been surprisingly good, corporate earnings were mostly positive, Facebook is going public . . . we’ll get to that.

How long do we have to worry about Europe?

Well, it will be well beyond the June 17 elections in Greece, unfortunately. Reforming the Greek government with the hope that a coalition will arise that will pledge to keep the country in the Eurozone is significant, but not the end of our worries.

The yield on Spanish treasury bonds spiked into the danger zone recently indicating a lack of faith by investors that Spain will continue to be able to pay its debts. As someone said recently, contagion in Europe is no longer a worry, it is a reality. Germany continues to hang in there, but even the industrious Germans cannot single-handedly stave off a continental recession.

So, until the US establishes firmer economic footing, we will remain bound to the fate of Europe and will see our markets whipsawed by news from across the pond. Some of our largest trading partners are in Europe and if they cannot afford to buy our goods, we will feel it.


Most likely, by the time you read this, Facebook will have begun trading (starts at 11 a.m. Friday, May 18). There is a lot of hope for a successful IPO. The stock is priced at $ 38 (the amount Facebook will get for each share from the syndicate of investment banks leading the offering) and will likely trade up to twice that amount once it hits the open market.

It is not merely the financial impact, however, that makes this IPO so special. There are 900 million users on Facebook. There are some market makers who believe that such a widely recognized, socially relevant company can spur renewed investor interest in the stock market. That is a lot to ask, even of a soon-to-be $ 100 billion company.

Friends, family, clients have all asked me about Facebook and whether they should purchase shares. With a $ 100 billion valuation, it has big shoes to grow into and it may take some time to show the consistent revenue and earnings growth to justify that valuation. So, my belief is that there will be several years of no appreciation in the stock price but, rather, it will trade within a range.

Of course, I could be dead wrong. Even though I am on Facebook, I do not quite get the concept/utility of it. But my lack of understanding surely is not shared by almost a billion people. So, the company could surprise me with its performance, too.

In any case, it will be a fascinating story for years to come and May 18, 2012 will be an historic day.

Business of the Month: Tim Collins – Prestige Wood Works

Tim has done several jobs for us and always delivers first class, high quality results. Tim is also the kind of perfectionist you want building bookshelves, kitchen islands and cabinets. He will notice imperfections in his work that even my wife did not see and take the time to make sure the results match his high standards.

Here is a description of the business in their words: “We are a family owned and operated business. We do custom woodworking. All of our items are designed and built for the space you have. We have no show- room due to the fact that each item we build is one of a kind.”

Tim, his wife Kim and son, Matt, can be reached at 
http://www.prestigewoodworks.org/, prestigewoodworks@bellsouth.net or 919.772.4903

Thank you

All the best to you and your family.

Please let me know if I can help you, your family or any of your friends with their investment planning and needs.


Neuse River Capital, LLC key facts:
• Independent Registered Investment Advisor –

o no company pays me to sell their products;
o each client portfolio is built to match their goals, risk tolerance and tax sensitivity
• Low fees – 0.75% on first $ 1 million in discretionary funds under management for each client
• High service – regular communication, spend time to understand each client’s complete financial picture
• Min. account size $ 100K – can be rollover IRA, brokerage account, trust account, etc.
• Client accounts are held at Charles Schwab so clients have online access, account statements and other benefits of dealing with a large national financial services provider.

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Which is better for eCommerce? Facebook or Pinterest?

I ran across this article today and felt it was worth sharing. Are you a Pinterest fan yet? Which is better for your eCommerce business, Facebook or Pinterest? This is a case study by Boticca.com, an international fashion accessories business. Personally, I really like using Pinterest and have a dedicated Pinterest account for my daily deal business. I always post the current daily deal on Pinterest with a link back to the deal page. Bottica noticed some really interesting numbers.



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Facebook FBML Apps For Business Pages Is Ending

If you are one of the last holdouts still using Facebook’s old FBML tabs for your Facebook Business Page, now is the time to make the change!
 The final official end date when all FBML tabs will cease to work and will be removed from Facebook by Facebook is set for June 6, 2012.

Any Facebook page tab with the above logo icon IS a FBML tab
that is part of the June 6th termination and removal.

Look at your little Apps/Tags underneath your Business Timeline Cover photo or if you haven’t uploaded a timeline cover photo, look to the right of your screen for the small (image) apps.

FBML was used with a lot of the
Welcomepages, it was also use to create newsletter sign ups, and other “specific” type pages awhile back.

This is the last phase of the FBML announcement Facebook made back in Sept 2011 that FBML would no longer be supported.

It’s time to fully transition. Those still using FBML apps on their Facebook Fan Pages must find a replacement app solution and leave the FBML coding completely.

Again, FBML tabs will NO LONGER WORK on Facebook Pages beginning June 1, 2012 and set to be removed by Facebook on June 6, 2012.

Facebooks preferred method for adding custom tabs to Fan Pages:

i-Frame Apps, launched in March of 2011, are Facebooks standard for Page tabs. Business page Admins can create i-Frame apps from scratch since no basic knowledge of coding is required OR Page Admins can use a third party (outsource) i-Frame platform solution.

The new App format that Facebook has given with the new Timeline Business pages present amazing exposure for your business and well worth the transition.

Again, June 1, 2012, FBML ceases to work and FBML tabs will be removed by Facebook June 6, 2012.
Facebooks New Name for Business (Fan) Pages: Business Timeline Pages

As of March 30th all Facebook pages have
 already been converted to the new Timeline cover format. Have you made the transition to the new Timeline cover photo and all the apps you have available in the new format?

You have spent a lot of time and probably money on your Facebook pages. If you have not transitioned, your viewers are seeing your pages as “outdated” or no longer ”cutting edge technology” and that’s not a good position to be in.

A Few Do’s and Don’ts:

With your large Timeline Cover photo, your Cover picture
can not have a
Website address… telephone number… or call to action… buy now, join now, sign up here… 50% OFF…any type of savings / sales coupon. Facebook is wanting all advertising to go through Facebook Ads.

This is involving a major shift from using profile pages as business pages to creating actual Facebook business pages. But the New Apps and Features included with the Facebook Timeline almost gives you a 2nd Website!

If you’re comfortable with creating Facebook pages… you can create your own business page… just make sure it’s connected to your profile page (even if your profile page does look like your business)… OR outsource it to a reliable social media specialist…I’ll be glad to talk with you about that if you have questions.

To know if your page is a Personal Profile Page or a true BUSINESS Page…right beside the name of your page your 
BUSINESS page will read LIKE or √ Like. If it reads
 Friends or Send Friend Request, it is a PERSONAL (Profile) Page no matter how much it looks like a business page. If you have to Confirm friend requests, it’s a Personal Profile page.

If you’re on FB using a Profile Page as your business page, you want to create a true Business page for two reasons:
1-Compliance with FB 
2-Utilize all the new features.

If you currently have a true FB Business page but haven’t gotten your large cover photo and all your Apps (Max 12 apps) in place, you want to do that as quickly as possible. You are missing a LOT of exposure, missing the benefits of capitalizing on the new applications (apps), and missing the opportunity to 
really grow your business!

Now while you still have some time, evaluate your current Facebook Business Page today. If you have questions or need help with this, just email me:
Livvie@SimpleSocialMedia.TV with Subject: Facebook Business Pages. Just click that link and start typing away. I’ll answer you….try me!

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Facebook Timeline Pages – Key thinks you need to know.

How to Use Facebook Timeline Business and Personal

If you don’t like the new Facebook Timeline that is fine but it is more useful to spend your time learning it and understanding how it can help your business. With Timeline both on the personal and business profile by the end of the month this will be the core focus. Core for Facebook is to get people to commit their entire lives of photos and

To get timeline for your personal page: facebook.com/timeline and to preview till March 30th your business pages go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/status/ and until you Publish only your admins will see the Timeline view.

You have two key pictures:

Cover that across the top and that is to be an 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your Page
Picture is to symbolize the essence of your business. “Note: This space is not meant for promotions, coupons, or advertisements.  Your cover photo should not be primarily text-based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright”.
May want to change it out from time to time.

Profile Picture is to be square and 180×180 pixel down to 32×32 pixel but make it 180×180 of your logo or what is the visual reminder you want people to have to remember to your business. This you do not want to change often.

Landing Tab/Pages/gated Pages no longer work the same
You no longer have the option of “Default Landing Tab:” or “gated pages”. A default landing tab that all non-fans would first see instead of the wall will not be an option on the new Timeline. You have 4 options they can see under the right side of your Cover photo. The first is fixed and is your pictures, leaving only 3 more to choose from. To edit those as an admin click the little triangle on the right of the 4 rectangle App area.

Star a Post Makes the post full screen in the timeline vs. just half screen or half of the timeline. Using this to make things stand out over time. This option is selected by clicking on the star in the upper right corner of every post (or story) and de-selected by clicking again.

Pin a post “Pins” a post to the top of you page for 7 days and since “Highlights” is what your new prospects see this when they first come to the page this is more important. You find the Pin option under the “Edit or Remove” pin image in the upper right hand corner to the right of the Star.

Milestones are big events in time you want to mark for your business. The first one required is the start of your business then you can post other events in any order. Recommend adding a picture, good title and text. You can also add a hyperlink in the page by putting in a website starting with http:// . Milestones are selected when you make a post by selecting “Milestone” in the upper right corner of the post window.

See my Video on how to set up you Facebook Business Page Timeline:

Other notes:

www.facebook.com/username – To customize your Facebook page name.

To see my Facebook Business Timeline http://BrossmanOnFB.com 
and Personal Facebook Timeline: http://facebook.com/martinbrossman

c2012 Martin Brossman and Associates 

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Like it or not Your Facebook Business Page Just got a New Look as Facebook Rolls Out it’s new Pages Timeline!


Well they say change is inevitable but Facebook puts new meaning to the word with yet another change this time to Facebook Pages Timeline!

Of course we’ve already seen the new timeline enacted on our personal profiles so you should be some what familiar with Facebook Timeline by now.  The new FB business page timeline will not be much different.

In my opinion some of the changes are good, some are going to take some time to adjust to and some just plain need to go away!  Here’s a video introduction to the new timeline.



For business marketing, it will take some creativity to create thought provoking graphics that imply a call to action of some kind; sometimes called subliminal advertising.  It’s not as easy as it was but it can be done on these new Facebook page timelines.

I do like the fact that the canvas area for the new landing tabs is larger; from 520 pix to over 760.  They will be more the size of the old fan pages which converted nicely.

I also like the fact that the tabs/apps will have a graphic icon rather than just text.  This also provides a way to “brand” that space and coordinate it with our websites and the header.   Business owners will have to hire these created if their not adept at graphic design.

My understanding is that at this point is that, although we won’t have the default landing tabs to generate our lists, we’ll still be able to use paid Facebook ads to drive traffic back to our welcome tab or landing page tab to generate lists and promote our products.  Of course this is probably what FB is angling for as their revenue generator.

By being able to “pin” a post at the top for a week it will provide a way to insert a call to action at the top of the page to direct folks to an offer or an opt-in page.  Plus, you can click on the  start to enlarge the post across the page.

The new Facebook Page Timeline also provides a nice interface with personal profile timelines.

At first I was a little put off by the changes, but the more I talk about it the more excited I get about the potential.  Let me know your thoughts about the new Facebook pages timeline.  

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How Do You Feel About FaceBook Opt Out Features and Changes?

Thank you to Dave Baldwin for posting a comment on my recent blog about FaceBook.
Although this social network supplies a platform for 500 million active users around the world with 206.2 million in the U.S. alone and growing, you do not get all of this service for free.

Here is a little poll I posted in case anyone wants to play.


This blog talks about the method by which FaceBook operates to force people to OPT OUT rather than to OPT IN to new and updated features.

I do not tell you directly that what you post on FaceBook becomes permanent searchable information, because you should all know that already.

Plus, I question the mind set of people who post unsavory and repugnant images into their albums for anyone to view. Does this tell us something about their personality? Would you want to friend these folks? Would this cause you to think twice about making a connection or do you not care?

Is FaceBook just about gaining numbers or about making true and lasting friendships, partnerships, and collaborations. It may be able just having that one person to support you through a difficult time. Or that one conversation that turns your life around. But, please do be careful where you tread out there in the social networking world.

Pat has informed us that InSide919 will see some changes in the year 2012. He wants people to get closer, to bond, to work together and help each other to improve their small business at a local level. I hope this little blog gives you something to think about today.

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