Senior Care NC: How Many Ways Can You Avoid Sitting?

Get up and walk! or Stand! Hike! Bend! Dance! Do Anything!

Go to the bathroom. Get up to change the television channel. Stand to watch a show. Change clothes. Walk around the house. Perhaps try a yoga pose? Is this really enough to help you? Don’t you need to be more active than that? What if you can’t?

Activity Facts from Homecare Assistance for Senior Care: Regular exercise lowers your risk of a stroke by 27%, reduces instances of both high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease by 40%, cuts your chance of developing diabetes by 50%, and lowers your risk of developing colon cancer by a whopping 60%.

Walking is Exercise

People who take brisk walks can help colds be less severe. It is not just chronic or fatal conditions we try to avoid with fitness. People who take any walks can help their health situation.

The point is to avoid sitting. Inactivity is the problem. Watching four or more hours of television a day, according to a study at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Victoria, Australia, can make you 80% more likely to die from heart disease. It is the sitting. Sitting like this is done with very little muscle movement.

Standing engages your muscles

A study from July 2008 showed that standing engages muscles and promotes the distribution of lipase, a fat-absorbing enzyme that triggers the body to process fat and cholesterol. Even if you don’t have a regular exercise program, this little change in your verticality can make a big difference.

Standing Burns Calories

Sitting does too, but not many. It is closest to sleeping at 46 calories per hour. Reading is 84 calories per hour. Standing in line is 94 calories per hour. (Calculated for a person that weights 155 pounds. Watching television is as inactive as you can get without sleeping. Oh my.

How Many Ways can You Avoid Sitting?

Cross the room.
Cross the road.

Walk in circles.

Walk backwards to see if you can.

Walk to another room.

Switch televisions for each show.

Switch chairs for each show.

Stand up during commercials.

These are such simple answers, they are humorous. But they really do avoid the extreme inactivity of hours of motionless sitting.

Having a visitor or friend, or helper to walk with is even better.

Self-care tasks can be simple activities. These are activities encouraged by the Balanced Care Method™ whenever people are physically able. They can help keep people keep moving. Not only does such daily activity help keep people physically active longer, we now know it also can help fight heart disease and other health risks.


Jaleh Neshat is the owner of “Homecare Assistance Raleigh NC” which provides senior care for families in the Raleigh, NC area. Their “Balanced Care Method TM” caregivers provide emotional, social, nutritional, and physical care.

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October starts the beginning of what I call the sugar season.. Starting with Halloween and going through New Years we are constantly tempted by tasty Holiday treats. Indulging in too many sweets can …

October starts the beginning of what I call the sugar season.. Starting with Halloween and going through New Years we are constantly tempted by tasty Holiday treats. Indulging in too many sweets can leave you feeling zapped of energy. Besides for the obvious sugar in our sweet Holiday treats there is the “hidden” sugar in every thing from our breads, salad dressings, cereals,and even our “nutrition bars”. The American Heart Association estimates that the average American consumes 22 added teaspoons of sugar a day! Looking at that amount of sugar another way: 155 POUNDS of sugar a year….which is about equal to one’s entire body weight. Think about that- eating your entire weight in sugar every year!

So Here are my 5 top tips to decrease the amount of sugar in your diet .. the obvious sugar and the not so obvious sugar:

Decrease packaged and processed foods.

Indulge your sweet tooth naturally: use fresh and dried fruits and sweet vegetables.

Avoid liquid calories. Drink plenty of water flavored with lemon, lime or orange slices

Exercise. This can actually help you manage cravings and decrease your desire for sweets. Recent studies shows exercising early in the day is especially beneficial

Sometimes you just have to indulge …and that is OK. My technique… SLOWLY SAVOR one small piece of your favorite desert .

Working with a Health Coach can help you set goals and strategies to help keep you from over indulging this “sugar Season”

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Care of the Elderly: The Many Roles of Your Caregiver

How do you see the role of a caregiver in your family? If she arrives to prepare breakfast, would you invite her to sit with you and talk about the day together?  If she arrives to dress you for dinner, would you welcome her to eat with you?

A caregiver can be a real end to loneliness if you are caring for a spouse alone. It can just be such a break to have someone to talk with. What are the times of day your parent or spouse could really use some company? Can you envision the empty chair at your table filled with kind empathetic support?

Here is one of our “caregiver stories”:

Berna, our caregiver, came to support and dress his wife for dinner. When they arrived to the table, the husband had prepared dinner and set three places to eat, “one for him, his wife and surprisingly me.”

They peeled apples together and the husband taught Berna how to make whipped cream for their strawberry shortcake.

“It was so nice to meet a family that included their caregiver with their daily routines.” shares Berna. The evening ended with watching tv together after Berna finished feeding his wife.

This simple moment is so rich, so telling of how life can just simply be richer and more normal with a little help and companionship.

Imagine you are alone, and the full time caregiver for a person you love who is not really able to dress alone, help with food preparation or be the talkative person they once were. Times can get a little lonely. If a helpful person can just make it seem a little more like normal, like the way things were, it can be just that much easier to get through the next day or week.

It really can be this simple, like adding another person to the family table, . . . and simply changing everything.


Jaleh Neshat, Home Care Assistance, Raleigh, NC, where the focus is on The Balanced Care MethodTM. Read more how-to information on “Care of the Elderly” on the website.

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With Home Prices Dropping, In Many Parts of Raleigh It Is Cheaper to Own Than Rent

Raleigh NC – The good news about the housing bust is that home prices are now more affordable. It is now cheaper to buy versus renting in many areas.

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“At the peak of the real estatebubble, cities like Miami, Phoenix and Las Vegas were not affordable for many. Now the opposite is true,” said Pete Flint, co-founder and CEO of

“Home sellers in these hard hit areas are forced to lower their prices to compete with all the foreclosureson the market. As a result , these unattainable markets are so affordable it makes better financial sense to buy than rent.”

Here is how to calculate whether it will be cheaper for you to buy versus rent.

First, add up what you are paying for rent now. Add together your rent payment and what you pay for renter’s insurance. That is the monthly cost of renting.

Now, let’s add up the cost of home ownership. First, you have the monthly mortgage payment. Add in Home Insurance, Property Taxes, and any Homeowner’s Association Fees.

Now, subtract out the tax savings. To calculate that, take what you will be paying monthly for interest and property taxes. Multiply that by your combined state and federal tax rate.

That is your projected tax savings. Now you have the cost of homeownership and renting side by side to compare. This is good news if you are a home owner. Why? It means that we are closer to a real estate recovery.

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Thanks for reading this, Ken Smith.

Ken is a Real Estate Broker at Goldens Realty. Raleigh Short Sales Realtor:

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So Many Books! So Little Time!

I love this quote by children’s literature author Arnold Lobel, Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books are a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them. I know lots of people who have tons of books. Okay, I confess that I am one of them. Despite the fact that many of the books remain unread, more books are added to these collections with astonishing frequency without any books departing from the space. Consequences include bowed shelves, stacks of books all over, guilt over not reading enough, and less money to spend on other items.

The idea of going to a library to check out a free book is either a foreign notion or people claim that they don’t remember to return the book. I would suggest that you check with your library to find out about their fees for late book returns. Many libraries have a maximum amount of money they charge for unreturned books and it is much less than the cost of purchasing your own book. If you claim that you will lose the book, my guess is that you didn’t really want to read it. Decide to check out a library book, read it, and put it in the car for the next time you pass a library. Most library systems only require that a book be returned to a library in the system, not necessarily the branch from which you originally got the book.

Non-library related strategies include the “requirement” to delete one book from your collection for each book you purchase. While your current collection won’t decrease, it won’t increase either! Determine to only purchase books from second-hand stores in which you can use the credit from books you are turning in so that no money exchanges hands. Decide to look at each shelf of books and keep a limited number of treasured volumes. For instance, if the shelf has 25 books, choose the ten that you absolutely love and donate the rest.

Finally, remember that deleting a book from your collection doesn’t delete the knowledge from your mind. In most instances, you can find the information elsewhere or you can borrow the book to reread it. Heaven forbid, you could even purchase it again if required. Perish the thought!

P.S. If you own an e-reader don’t think you’re immune to the So Many Books-So Little Time syndrome. It just manifests in slightly different ways. But I’ll save that for a future blog entry!

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How many sales calls to a client does it take to make the close?

How do Prospects view you?

Are you bringing value or just trying to make a sale?

Do you care about my business and my future or only if you close me? Do you strive for the one call close or do you want to build a relationship? Have you given any thought to the sales process or the profile of your perfect prospect?

If all you are thinking about is the close, your sales future is pretty dim…

Remember; Slower = Faster

Take you time and build a good foundation and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

*based on the National Sales Executive Association stats that

2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
10% of sales are made on the 4th contact
80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact

Plan out your contacts this week, decide on your value in each connection and watch your sales take off!

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